Best Cricut Accessories

best cricut accessories

Best Cricut Accessories

SVGBOMB.COM, Must have cricut maker accessories – Nowadays it seems like everyone likes doing DIY projects as the internet took the number 1 place as the reason why handcrafting is getting popular. Children can make their projects even more unique, teens can make their own birthday cards, mom are now expert in making birthday decoration for their kids and teachers are being more creative.

However, there is one thing that make a professional handcrafter is different from the rest, they use machines for the best result, and of them is the cutting machine. However, you don’t need to be a pro to use a cutting machine because now there is a cutting machine which especially made for a hand-crafter or anyone who loves making DIY projects: A Cricut Explore Air 2.

Cricut, is a brand name owned by Provo Craft based in Utah, US. Cricut explore series are the upgraded versions of previous machines which released the first ever series in 2006. It is practical, durable, and still working very well today. The second series Cricut Expression and followed with newer version named Cricut Expression 2 while Cricut Mini is being produced between them.

Some other upgraded series were made to follow handcraft makers needs in short time produced Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air 1 and finally the Cricut Explore Air 2. All of them have smart dials and able to cut varied materials such as papers and cardstock, while the newer ones can cut thicker materials such as vinyl, felts, leather and even fabrics!

A Cricut Explore Air 2 moto is “make life beautiful” and the machine itself comes in very beautiful colors choices: Black, Mint, Sky, Flamingo, and Raspberry. This version can cut twice faster than the previous one, the Cricut Explore 1, and is compatible for an Ipad or Iphone through an app. It prints and cuts a full 12×12 inches page and has very beautiful practical accessories. The accessory included with the machine is the cutting mat and it comes in 3 different colors cutting mat  to differ each purpose. A cutting mat has adhesive sides used to hold the material when the machine cut.

LightGrip Cutting Mat (Blue)  is available in blue color and less sticky than the other two used to hold lighter material such as general craft papers, office papers, and Vellum. Cost about $17.99 and 12×12 inches, this blue mat allows to grip the materials firmly and easy to remove. You can also buy the thinner size of 12×24 inches.

StandardGrip Cutting Mat (Green) is more sticky than the blue one and is used to hold thicker material such as cardstock, patterned paper, embossed paper, Iron-on, and Vinyl. Cost about $15.49 and 12×12 inches, this green mat allows to grip the materials more strongly but still easy to remove. You can also buy the thinner size of 12×24 inches.

StrongGrip Machine Mat (Purple) is very sticky and ideal to hold thick materials such as leather, thick cardstock, fabric with stiffener , poster board, Magnet material. The price is about $17.99 in the shop and also available in 12×24 inches.

Other cricut accessories which are not included with the machine purchase are the blades, weeder, scrapper, pens, scoring, rullers, tools, and the storage.


cricut accessories
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Blade is very essential accessories which allows the machine to cut the material according to the design previously made. Each blade has its own purpose to cut certain materials. Standard blade is compatible for Cricut Explore Versions and you can buy the blade alone or with the silver housing (blade holder). The other blade type is the German or Standard Fine Point Blade which has the same holder as the standard blade and they cut standard light papers.

If you need to cut thicker materials like leather, vinyl, thick cardstock and felt, you can use the Deep Cut Blade which comes with its own housing or holder. The differences between the standard blade and the deep cut one is that the standard one has angle of a 45 degree while the deep cut has angle of a 60 degree and made of more rigid and durable steel. The deep cut housing itself is shorter than the standard one to give more space for thicker materials. You can install it in the standard blade port available in the machine.


best cricut pens
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The other accessories which are essential for the machine is the pen which are not included with the machine. There are 19 different pen set available such as the Gel set, standard metallic set, fine point, the washable, the candy colors set, the seaside set and many others. The pack is always consist of 5 pens except the washable one which is only available in oly single pen. Pens allow you to add perfect handwritten-like fonts since it using a real pen.

Cricut Accessories Bundle

However, you can also buy the bundle which of course you will get cheaper price compared to when you buy everything one by one. The bundle is usually consist of the machine (of course) and the most essential accessories such as the 3 cutting mat, 5 pens, a blade, a scissors, a weeder, a scrapper, a tweezers, a spatula, a scoring stylus. Plus, you will also get 6 instruction sheets and 7 cardstock sample. In case you don’t know what are they used for, here are some short information about it.

A weeder is used to remove unnecessary parts which is perfect for vinyl and iron-on materials. Scrapper one is used to remove sticky parts on the cutting map and is available in different sizes, well the bigger the better! As you can guess, a spatula is used to remove or take the more detailed projects without damaging them, while the tweezers is used to pick them. Last but not least is the Scoring Stylus which especially made to make fold lines. It allows you to make perfect envelope, small boxes, and 3D projects. However, don’t forget to recheck the design which the fold lines are made of dotted line unless they will be cut out!

After you read the whole details, you can decide which are best for you since Cricut offers wide variations and colors to give personal touch of yours. Buy them in bundle for cheaper price and everything are prepared in single shipping.

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