Cricut Basic Tool Reviews

Cricut Basic Tool Reviews

Cricut Tool Basic Set (2002050) Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Number Of Pieces: 6
  • Imported
  • Includes the following Cricut Tools: Scissors with protective blade cover; Tweezers; Weeder; Scraper; and Spatula
  • Four interchangeable end caps
  • Get all the Cricut Tools in one set

Review of Cricut Basic

This review by NayNay on Amazon: Spatula is fantastic at getting material off cutting board quickly and easily without curling. Scissors have the fancy point that prevents the bulge tear if you close scissors all the way to the tip. This is hard to explain but it is fantastic once you get them in your hands and start cutting. It improves the consistancy or straightness of the cut since you can fully open the scissors and fully close them before moving up and cutting further.

As a bonus: the scissors even have a protective cap!!

The tweezers are reversed so they stay clamped until you squeeze which is a trip at first and then you realize that it saves you a bunch of effort as you get about your crafting.
Obviously the picker and squidger (picking tool and scraper) are indispencible.

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cricut tool reviews
cricut tool reviews

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