License Agreement

Personal Use

You are free to download and use our SVG designs for personal projects. However, it is strictly prohibited to monetize or use them in any commercial context. These designs are intended for non-commercial, personal use only.

Editorial Use Only

Our SVG designs are available for editorial use, limited to personal projects. This means you may incorporate them into non-monetized, non-commercial materials such as blogs, presentations, or educational content. They are not to be used in advertising or promotional materials.

Commercial Use

Commercial use of our SVG designs is allowed for physical products only, with a cap of 1000 units for sale. Each design can be utilized in the creation of commercial, physical products for resale. However, any form of digital resale is strictly prohibited.

Personal Use Only

Every product on this site is provided free of charge for personal use only. You are not permitted to use these designs for any commercial purposes or in materials intended for monetary gain.


In general, our designs may not be resold in any digital form. This includes selling them as standalone digital files or incorporating them into other digital products for resale. Each design is intended for individual, non-commercial use.

update: 18 Dec 2023