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Step into the cheerful world of Sesame Street with our Sesame Street Character Outline SVG Bundle, a delightful collection of 22 designs tailored for your cutting machine adventures, exclusively at SVGBOMB. Created for the creative women who adore iconic characters and seek efficiency in their crafting projects, this bundle brings the magic of Sesame Street right to your fingertips.

Explore the charming outlines of beloved characters like Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and many more. Whether you’re personalizing children’s clothing, crafting adorable nursery decor, or making playful gifts, this bundle ensures your Cricut projects capture the joy of Sesame Street effortlessly.

At SVGBOMB, we pride ourselves on delivering ready-made designs that align with your high standards. Join the league of women who seamlessly blend the nostalgia of Sesame Street with their crafting prowess.

Elevate your creations with the Sesame Street Character Outline SVG Bundle, where the spirit of fun meets the precision of your cutting machine. SVGBOMB is your destination for quality vectors that bring the magic of Sesame Street to your crafts. Secure your bundle now and let the creativity shine on Sesame Street!


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Sesame Street Character Outline SVG, Coloring Page PNG, Vector File

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